How are you managing the biggest expense in your pharmacy?

According to the National Community Pharmacists Association’s research, about 78% of the revenue of a community pharmacy is spent on drug purchases. Yet, most pharmacies are not equipped to do an in-depth analysis on the drug spending by their business. Even fewer pharmacies are able to do something to manage this big expense.

Do you have a drug sourcing strategy? Do you have the ability to take advantage of the Dynamic Pricing Business Model (DPBM) strategy adopted by drug wholesalers? How do you compete against the well-equipped competition when you are not in command of your drug sourcing?



Our Mission

RxWantBook® is a product offering that’s the result of more than 25 years of combined experience in pharmacy, drug wholesaling and pharmacy technology industry by the team at Prescription Logics, Inc.

RxWantBook® is the electronic form of the same Want Book pharmacies have been using for decades, except built with intelligence to make it more capable to easily manage drug sourcing for your pharmacy when drug wholesalers adopt our proprietary Dynamic Pricing Business Model (DPBM) concept.

RxWantBook® is an independent service provider and is not owned by any drug wholesaler, Group Purchasing Organization (GPO), Pharmacy Services Administrative Organization (PSAO) or any drug co-operatives. We work for the community pharmacy to make the right decisions in the best interest of the pharmacy’s business irrespective of the supplier or Group Purchasing Organizations.

The goal of RxWantBook® is to provide community pharmacies with deep insights, expertise, processes and tools to DEVELOP and EXECUTE intelligent drug sourcing strategies and transform your drug sourcing function into a highly valuable STRATEGIC ADVANTAGE.

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Using RxWantBook®, you gain access to the following services.

As a Self-Service Tool

You can manage your entire drug sourcing activities on an independent centralized account that works for you and is owned by you. This helps you to take advantage of the Dynamic Pricing Business Model (DPBM) to maximize your advantage when wholesalers adopt this strategy. Save drug sourcing-related time and effort. No need to call multiple wholesalers to find what is best for you. This is free to use as a self-service tool.

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For Gaining Insights

Knowledge is Power. Get deeper understanding and insights into your drug sourcing performance and learn how exactly drug costs impact your business profitability. Identify problem items and understand what you could do to fix it. Our expertise and years of pharmaceutical business experience stand behind you. Contact us for pricing.

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Custom Solutions

We can leverage the full power of our expertise for you - specifically addressing your unique business model, sourcing relationships, dispensing patterns and reimbursement history. We will then help you set a strategy to convert drug sourcing capability into a strategic advantage to help you thrive in the current competitive landscape and intelligently manage threats from big chains and online pharmacies. Contact us for pricing.

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